Eating Out on the Airplane

Mr. FAF and I came to America for school, so our whole family is still in Asia. We’re used to the idea of having 24-hour flights just to visit family. While jetlag and sleeping uncomfortably in a tiny seat on the plan doesn’t appeal to me even a bit, I always look forward to two things on the plane: movies and food.

1) Movies

I’m not a movie person. Mr. FAF and I rarely watch movies together. We’ve been married for more than 3 years, but we’ve been to the movie theater only twice. We also don’t watch movies at home together since we can’t decide on what both of us like.

I usually just don’t have the patience to sit through a two-hour movie unless it’s amazing and recommended by many. On the plane, however, there’s not much to do except for playing with the screen right in front of me, so I watch movies.

I have watched many great movies that I otherwise wouldn’t have even started at home, such as Marley and Me, and Psycho (yup, the American classic that I just saw in 2016).

2) Food

This is my most favorite thing about a long flight. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served (woohoo!).

I know a lot of people complain about the quality of airplane food. But for a frugal gal like me, it’s like mandatory enjoyable eating out, and I don’t have to feel bad about not cooking/eating at home. The cost is already included in the ticket price, so I might as well just eat it.

And best of all? I can try different cuisines from different countries. Below are some examples from Japan Airline and Quatar Airline.

Japan Airline (breakfast)

— Appetizer: Green salad, Pasta salad, Croissant with butter/cream cheese

— Drink: Apple juice

— Entree: Massed potato with sausage, omelette, carrot, squash, and tomato

— Dessert: Chocolate pudding (oh my!)

Qatar Airline

i) Lunch

— Appetizer: Couscous salad, Bread with butter

— Main course: Rice with lamb meatballs (delicious!)

— Drink: Water

— Dessert: Mango pudding (yummy!)

ii) Dinner

— Appetizer: Bread roll with butter

— Drink: Orange juice

— Main course: Lamb with potato cubes, carrots and green peas

— Dessert: Strawberry yogurt, Cantaloupe and pineapple

iii) Supper

(It was dark on the plane since people were sleeping, so the picture quality is not good.)

— Vegetable sandwich

— Muffin


The portion of these meals was small. I needed three times the amount to be full. But overall, it was enjoyable eating out and watching movies at the same time without having to pay extra.