Mr. FAF Bought Me A $300 Dress. I Was Mad.

I got home yesterday and got a package. It was a (kind of) surprise gift from Mr. FAF: a $300 Ted Baker dress he had bought at Bloomingdales. It came in this beautiful box. My heart was melting.

Mr. FAF and I got into a heated argument last week about one of the most important decisions of our lives. Whatever decision we make will affect our careers, our son’s future, our finances, our house, and even our parents.

The topic of Mr. FAF buying me an expensive dress had been my idea and suggestion for him for months. I thought that was what I wanted. Mr. FAF told me if he got a new job offer, he’d get it for me. And he waited until we had a fight to buy it. He later on admitted he got the dress to alleviate the tension and to convince me of his decision.

Mr. FAF told me about the dress a week before. He asked his female colleague to help him pick it out for me. Needless to say, I was super happy and told my best friend from college about it. We texted back and forth about the dress. She told me she loved Ted Baker, and that it was a higher-end brand.

I had never bought any dress that cost more than $100, let alone $300. Both of us were excited to see what Mr. FAF got me given that he’s not the romantic type. I had high hopes about this expensive gift.

But once I opened the box, I was disappointed in the design.

The color was a bit darker than I expected. I’m not a big fan of floral design, and I do not like wearing purple. I also don’t like dresses with sleeves. The dress makes me look 10 years older than I actually am. It was such an anti-climatic moment.

I called Mr. FAF to thank him for the thought and to tell him I’d return it. He was also disappointed to see the dress. He didn’t even remember what the dress looked like until I sent him the picture.

Then Mr. FAF told me he had spent $25 on the packaging and delivery. I got upset. $25 for that box and delivery? This is such a high cost for a surprise gift that fell short of my expectations.

From being upset, I got mad when found out the closest Bloomingdales store is 12 miles from our house. Even if we return the dress online, we can only get store credit since Mr. FAF’s colleague used her store credit card to buy it. I definitely don’t think we need to spend $300 on anything at that expensive store.

Another option is for Mr. FAF to bring it back to his city and ask his female colleague to return the dress to get the cash back on her card. She will then need to give Mr. FAF $300 back.

It sounds like such a hassle for me. Who knows a well-intended and surprise romantic gift could turn into such a headache for everyone involved. I died a little inside when I saw this price tag given how the dress looks.

I’ve been trying to calm myself down and not to let Mr. FAF know that I’m actually upset about this gift. I told him the next time he wants to surprise me with anything, it needs to be less than $10. If I don’t like the surprise, I wouldn’t feel too bad about him spending money on something unnecessary.

The morale of the story is I no longer want Mr. FAF to impress me with expensive gifts. He just needs to be himself: simple and sincere. That’s all I need.