My 4 Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

I can’t remember exactly when I started following personal finance blogs. I think it must have been more than two years ago. I did a lot of digging and reading to find the blogs that resonate with me and the bloggers I can relate to. They all have five things in common.

And here are my four most favorite personal finance blogs:

1) The Frugal Girl 

Kristen is a stay-at-home mother of four, a home-school teacher, piano teacher, photographer, and a financial blogger who’s passionate about frugality and staying out of debt.

I love the beautiful pictures Kristen posts on her blogs and really like the simplicity and clarity of her writing. Her weekly food expense report also shows me how a big family can stay healthy on a budget and still eat delicious, restaurant-quality looking food.

2) SixFiguresUnder

Stephanie is also a stay-at-home mother of four who, together with her husband, got out a $144,000 debt in July 2016 and got into another six-figure debt in February 2017 after they purchased their first house.

I always look forward to Stephanie’s monthly income report. It shows me how far persistence and frugality can get you in your debt payoff journey.

3) Saving The Crumbs

My favorite frugal Asian American couple who reminds me so, so much of Mr. FAF and I. They paid off their $185,000 house in two years despite not having a six-figure income. They’re open about their income, expenses, and an extremely low food budget.

What else do I like about them? They have a rental unit on their property, which makes them landlords (hello, my future plan!).

4) FrugalWoods

Mr. and Ms. FrugalWoods is renting out their Cambridge, Boston first house and moved to Vermont to live in a homestead, their second property. Ms. FrugalWoods, the author of blog, publishes their monthly expenditures reports and details their journey to become landlords.

The FrugalWoods have a frugal meal plan and rarely eat out. They inspire me to do the same despite my big love for eating out.


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