Our Frugal Dates

Mr. FAF is not the romantic type. The only (romantic) occasion we celebrate is our anniversary. And we celebrate it by eating at our favorite restaurant.

We don’t exchange birthday or Christmas gifts. Although I wish he would buy me presents sometimes, I’m glad that we’re not too focused on the materials in our lives.

Besides eating out, Mr. FAF and I also go on dates to the following places:

1) Shopping mall

We like talking a walk at the shopping mall, but we usually don’t buy anything. We just like walking around, looking at the fancy things that we don’t really need, and talking about our future.

2) Costco and grocery stores

We usually do our grocery shopping on the weekends and just hang out. We don’t need anything fancy to cheer us up. We’re just simple like that.

Oh, and I really like the free samples at Cosco on the weekends.

3) Parks

While we like that the mall and grocery stores provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, we also like nature. We explore national parks for free together. Sometimes we pack food as a picnic or just eat at home before we go.

And I just love all the dates we’ve gone one so far.