Spring Is Here – Likes, Dislikes & How To Save

Spring is finally here! In case you didn’t know, I currently live in the Washington  DC metro area, so I do experience four seasons a year (yay!).

This morning I woke up and couldn’t stop sneezing. The temperature was in the 60s, so I knew something was up. It wasn’t until I got to the office and couldn’t stop the runny rose or the constant sneezing that I could confirm spring had finally come to DC.

Seasons is such a weird concept to me. When it’s freezing cold outside, I just can’t wait until spring. When spring arrives, bringing with it allergies, I just can’t wait until summer. When it’s scorching hot outside, I tell myself fall would be really beautiful.

I actually enjoy fall the most. It’s neither too hot or too cold. It’s just the perfect weather.

DC is well known for its cherry blossom festival. 

These are what I like and dislike about spring:


1) Less laundry 

Hot weather means light clothing which means a lighter laundry load -> less use of water and electricity -> saving money.

2) More outdoor activities 

There will be lots of outdoor activities. It means there will be picnics and potlucks. I might need to increase my grocery bill to contribute to such events, but I think it’s totally worth it. It’s still much cheaper than eating out.

3) More space in the closet

I felt so light and more organized after I put away those heavy winter jackets and sweaters. It’s time to take out my beautiful light dresses and tops!

4) DC cherry blossom

Spring is when DC welcomes tourists from all over the country and the world. It’s great to see so many people flying thousands of miles just to see the city where I live. I feel so proud and lucky.

You know someone is a tourist when they hold a DC map, ask how to get to a certain metro station, or just keep checking whether they’re supposed to get off the train yet.

If you live in DC, you just sit quietly on the train looking out the window or dozing off since you know exactly where to get off.


1) Allergies

The constant sneezing and a runny nose is definitely no fun. I use more tissues to wipe my nose more often than usual -> waste of paper.

2) Spending on allergy meds

This is my second biggest dislike of spring. It’s one thing to physically suffer from sneezing and having a runny nose. It’s another thing to financially suffer to get over the physical nuisance.


1) Allergy meds

I still have lots of allergy meds from last year that expired a couple of months ago. I read online that it’s ok to take expired allergy meds. It may not be as strong as before, but it’s not dangerous. The frugal side in me is screaming Yes!

(If you’re pregnant, please be careful with any kinds of allergy meds and don’t take expired meds.)

My friend, who’s working at a big pharmaceutical company, advised me to buy generic brand allergy meds which have the same ingredients as name brands but are much cheaper.

2) Use a fan instead of turning down the AC

When I got home today, my room felt like an oven since the window directly faced the sun. I went to check the thermostat which showed 76 degrees for the whole house.

I turned the temp down to 74 and took out the fan to help coon down the room instead of turning the thermostats down to 72.

3) Double-check all of your clothes from last year

Before you head to the shopping mall to buy new clothes, you might want to take out all of your spring/summer clothes from last year to see what you have.

I don’t have a lot of clothes to begin with, but sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised to see a top or a dress I haven’t worn in a while. No need for more shopping!


Despite the allergies and the meds, I’m excited to see flowers blooming everywhere and the sun shining even at 7 PM.

Life is beautiful! 🙂