How We Save on Mr. FAF’s Clothes

Mr. FAF and I normally don’t shop for clothes at thrift stores. It doesn’t mean that we’re not price conscious. We usually look for sales and balk at relatively high prices. Although our family was not well-off, we usually just wore hand-me-down clothes from the people we knew.

What I love about Mr. FAF is that he’s a simple guy. Mr. FAF is not particular about what he wears. He’s not shabby by any means. Clothing is just not his priority.

1) Shoes from Payless

Mr. FAF loves Nike shoes and t-shirts. Earlier in our marriage, he bought 3 pairs of Nike shoes when we went to the mall one time.

However, after following me to a Payless store, he realized that the shoes there are not as bad as he thought. He happily bought a pair of running shoes for $19 and told me he would buy shoes from that store from now on.

Sometimes when we go to the mall, he’d like to stop by a Nike store, look at the new shoes, and walk away saying they’re too expensive. (That’s my husband right there!)

One time Mr. FAF bought a $5 pair of crocs from H-Mart (Korean grocery store) and wore them for 3 years until they broke. He told me it was his best purchase ever.

2) Free t-shirts and fleece jackets

Mr. FAF has 5 Nike t-shirts at $10 each. Other than that, he likes wearing random free T-shirts I got from school, events, and work. He has T-shirts with logos like Capital One Bank, No Smoking, and Theater Club. But he wears them every where and even to work. (Mr. FAF works in an environment where formal attire is not required.)

One time I got him two free fleece jackets, and he was very happy with the quality and the design (or the lack thereof).

Mr. FAF has jackets, sweaters, and shirts he’s owned for 10 years or longer. Some of them even start to show wear and tear, and the color is fading. But he just thinks it’s not important to buy new clothes.

One time, I felt bad for Mr. FAF and bought him some nice t-shirts. Contrary to my expectations, Mr. FAF didn’t seem too happy. He complained that it was a waste of money and told me to return them. When I bring him free T-shirts, however, I always see a big smile on his face.

3) Jeans from Old Navy

Mr. FAF has gained a lot of weight since we got married. He can now fit into only two pairs of jeans we bought from Old Navy for $25/each four years ago. And that’s enough jeans/pants for him.

4) Underwear from Costco

This might be too much information, but Mr. FAF has owned the same pairs of Kirkland-brand boxers (Costco’s brand) for years. I also wear them as shorts at home sometimes since they’re extremely comfortable.


Despite his obsession with Nike, Mr. FAF manages to rein it in and spend money on things that are more important for us (i.e. mortgage, dinner dates for both of us). He gets his priorities right. And for that, he deserves the title of a frugal husband and a family man.

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9 thoughts on “How We Save on Mr. FAF’s Clothes”

  • I get underwear from Costco, bras from Target and even some cute tops from both places. Some of the tops I’ve had the most compliments on were only $4.95 at Costco. I see nothing wrong with buying this way.

  • Hi Janet, thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I totally agree with you. I get my underwear from Walmart (6 for ~$8) and find them very comfortable and durable. I also share some clothes with Mr. FAF at home since I find them pretty comfy.

    I’d love to know what your tops look like. I’ll look for women tops next time I go to Costco. You never know what treasure you can find 🙂

    • Haha that’s perfect! My hubby is also very low maintenance. That’s one thing I love about him! 😀 I’ve never been into guys that pay too much attention to their looks (i.e. using cologne, gelling their hair, brand-name clothes). It’s probably because I don’t do those things, but I also like that Mr. FAF can help me save money by being simple! ^.^

  • As a low maintenance man, I know your husband’s frame of mind. Just need clothes that are comfortable and not expensive. Outside of the stores you mentioned, another one that you guys should go to is Kohls. I’m guessing they have some in the DC area but if not just check out their website. They have brand names at really good prices. We signed up for a store card and we receive all types of perks like monthly newsletters with coupons up to 30% off

    • I just looked up Kohls, and there are indeed some Kohls stores in the DC area. Thank you so much for the great suggestion! I’ll take a look at their website to see what they have. And you’re correct about Mr. FAF. He’s a pretty simple man in terms of his looks, which I really like. =)

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