What My Favorite Blogs Have in Common

One day I thought about why I follow the four blogs above despite a myriad of personal finance blogs out there. Below are the five main reasons:

1) They provide the numbers. 

All four blogs publishes some sort of evidence that details and proves their frugality (i.e. food expenses, monthly income & expenses). The numbers are not only in their weekly or monthly reports but are sprinkled throughout their posts.

I’m not saying other bloggers are not telling the truth by not doing the same. But I’m a data kind of person. No matter no convincing your argument is, if you can’t provide me with the evidence, I’d find it hard to believe you right away and would also find the overall argument less intriguing.

2) They are females. 

I am a female and find it easier to relate to other females who also care about baby food, grocery bills, cooking, and the like. On SavingTheCrumbs, Deb and Al take turns writing their posts, so I can say the blog is also authored by a female blogger.

3) Their posts are not too long. 

Kristen is great at keeping her posts simple yet informative and interesting. I’ve seen blog posts that are just too long no matter how much great information is packed in there. I just skim through the writing and then lose interest.

4) Their font is big. 

I know this might sound superficial for a lot of people. But if I need to get my face closer to the screen or manually increase the font size on my computer just to read their posts, then it’s really rare that I keep reading through the end or come back to their sites.

5) Their site layout is simple.

Have you ever opened a website and said to yourself: “Oh my, where do I start?” That’s how I feel about a lot of the blogs out there, even the popular ones. Feeling overwhelmed is not a good start for me to explore a blog.


The points mentioned above are totally subjective and may not apply to you. But they give me a great foundation for how I want to structure and grow my own blog.