Why I Started Blogging

Reading blogs

I’m passionate about personal finance and saving money. Although this is a topic everyone and every family has to deal with it, it doesn’t come up often in our daily conversations. Finances are personal. It’s a taboo, and society tells us to just not talk about it.

Oftentimes when I talked to friends or colleagues, I’d love to bring up how to save money and hunt for deals. But when the topic was approaching the conversations, I could sense some uneasiness or topic switching, so I stopped.

But I needed an outlet. I wanted to learn how other people are saving money. I turned to the internet.

While there are many commercial websites such as Bankrate and news articles that give money saving tips, they’re very general and lack the personal touch.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon The Frugal Girl that I knew exactly what I was looking for. I read all of her blog posts and looked up similar blogs to read. Then I found my top 4 favorite personal finance blogs.

Launching a blog

After I read many money saving blogs for about two years, at one point the tips started to get repetitive.

Saving money on groceries always starts with budgeting, then meal planning, using coupons and discounts, and then Ibotta. I have never used Ibotta, but this app appears in almost every grocery-related post that I read.

Do you know that feeling when you study so much for an exam you just want to take it to test what you know? That’s how I started to feel one day.

Reading alone just wasn’t enough as an outlet for my passion for frugality. I needed to produce something. I had come up many with ideas that I hadn’t seen elsewhere. I wanted to develop those ideas in writing and share them with a community.

After launching two websites and closing them the day after, I finally decided to start Frugal Asian Finance and stick with it even if I don’t feel like writing anymore. I know that if the passion is there, the yearning to express it will always be there despite potential hiccups.

I want to develop my blog into a side business one day. I know it will take time. But it’s ok with me. I’m doing something I love, so even if this blog doesn’t take off, I will still keep at it.

One day I will show it to my children so that they know what their parents have gone through to raise them. Or I will just read it when I’m old to see what Mr. FAF and I have gone through to get to where we are.

It’s a journey with its own adventures. And I’m very excited to have started it and share it with you from now on.