Why We Still Eat Out While In Debt

Mr. FAF and I are still in debt. We’re still paying off our mortgage. Although many people treat a mortgage as part of life and a good debt, for us, debt is debt, period.

That said, Mr. FAF and I LOVE eating out, especially at Asian restaurants. Below are the reasons:

1) We’re not good at cooking.

What we make is edible, fills us up, and is sometimes good. What’s made at the restaurant, however, is delicious and not easy to make.



Korean barbecue

2) We just don’t want to cook. 

Sometimes the reason is that we’re just too lazy to cook. I feel guilty saying this, but it’s true.

3) Eating out is the only favorite activity we have in common. 

Don’t get us wrong. We enjoy each other company. But when we decide to go out, we just can’t agree on what we want to do together so that BOTH of us will enjoy.

While we can compromise, the idea of Mr. FAF not enjoying something I like makes me not want to do it.

For example, one reason why we don’t go to the movies together that often is because we can’t decide on what movie to watch. I like romantic company, but Mr. FAF’s into science-fiction and action movies.

That always leads to us trying to watch something at home so that we won’t waste money on something we might not like and then not finishing the movies. This happens all.the.time.

What both of us love doing together? Eating out.

Mongolian hotpot

The good news

We eat out only once a week when Mr. FAF visits me or when we have special occasions like our anniversary. We try to go to cheaper places like the food court at the mall or Asian grocery stores where rice plus three side dishes are around $7, and we don’t need to pay for tip.

Sometimes we splurge and go to a hotpot or Korean barbecue, but it happens at most four times a year.

Below are some pictures from our anniversary dinner. It was $60 in total, including an iced tea for Mr. FAF and tip.


 1.                       Buffalo wings                                                            Crab legs and French fries


2.                Mozzarella cheese sticks                                                     Breaded shrimp

I know it lacks the green color, but we don’t eat like this every day, so it’s all good. 😉

Our future plan 

When Mr. FAF eventually moves to live with me and Baby FAF, we plan to limit eating out and learn more cooking from Youtube to improve our life quality.

We want to accelerate our debt paying process in order to realize our rental property and financial freedom dream.



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