Eating Out On The Plane

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Mr. FAF and I came to America for school, so our whole family is still in China and Vietnam.

We’re used to the idea of having 20-hour flights just to visit our family in Asia.

While jetlag and sleeping uncomfortably in a tiny seat on the plan doesn’t appeal to me one bit, I always look forward to two things on the plane: movies and food.

1. Movies

I’m not a movie person. Mr. FAF and I rarely watch movies together. We’ve been married for 3.5 years, but we’ve been to the movie theater only three times.

We also don’t watch movies together at home since we can’t decide on what both of us like.

I usually don’t have the patience to sit through a two-hour movie unless it’s amazing and strongly recommended by my friends.

On the plane, however, there’s not much to do except for playing with the screen right in front of me, so I resort to watching movies.

I have watched many great movies that I otherwise wouldn’t have even started at home, such as Marley and Me, and Psycho (yup, the American classic that I just saw in 2016).

2. Food

This is my most favorite thing about a long flight. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served (woohoo!).

I know a lot of people complain about the quality of airplane food. But for a frugal girl like me, it’s like mandatory eating out, and I don’t have to feel bad about not cooking or eating at home. The cost is already included in the ticket price, so I might as well just eat what’s served.

And best of all, I can try different cuisine from various countries. Below are some examples from Japan Airline and Quatar Airline.

Japan Airline (breakfast)

— Appetizer: Green salad, Pasta salad, Croissant with butter/cream cheese

— Drink: Apple juice

— Entree: Massed potato with sausage, omelette, carrot, squash, and tomato

— Dessert: Chocolate pudding (oh my!)

Qatar Airline


— Appetizer: Couscous salad, Bread with butter

— Main course: Rice with lamb meatballs (delicious!)

— Drink: Water

— Dessert: Mango pudding (yummy!)


— Appetizer: Bread roll with butter

— Drink: Orange juice

— Main course: Lamb with potato cubes, carrots and green peas

— Dessert: Strawberry yogurt, Cantaloupe and pineapple


(It was dark on the plane since people were sleeping, so the picture quality is not good.)

— Vegetable sandwich

— Muffin


The portion of these meals was small. I needed three times the amount shown to be full. But overall, I enjoyed the experience of trying different dishes while flying over the skies of many countries during the trip.

I didn’t have to feel bad about not cooking at home and was able to stay updated on popular movies without paying extra for them. It was like a mini vacation in the sky.


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