Mar 2017 Food Expense Report – $87.52

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In order to keep track of my food expenses, I have started a monthly food expense report series. A few things to note:

— I currently do not live together with Mr. FAF and Baby FAF (only temporarily). My food expenses below are therefore counted as a single-person budget.

— Sometimes I buy food that will last for a couple of weeks or months (i.e. rice, salt, oil). But I will just count the purchase towards the month when I buy it.

— You might see great variation from week to week. The expenses might be really high for one week but extremely low for another. It’s because I don’t meal plan and just buy what I need. If it’s something I will eat at some point in the future (i.e. sesame rice balls, dumplings, sesame pancake), it’s usually frozen or packaged for a long shell life.

— Mr. FAF and I have gotten our grocery shopping to (almost) a science where we know exactly what we usually use for our cooking, so the food rarely goes to waste.

— If you want to know more about my diet, you can check it here and here

Food Expenses – Mar 2017: $87.52

GroceriesEating out
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Groceries – Week 1 ($67.47)

I didn’t take a picture of Week 1’s groceries. But I bought:

— 3 tubs of generic-brand vanilla yogurt

— 3 half-gallon bottles of organic soy milk

— 2 small boxes of strawberries

— 7 bananas

— 1 bottle of fish oil & 1 bottle of vitamin E

Groceries – Week 4 ($12.64)


Eating out – Week 1: $7.41

I had Chinese food at the mall, that’s why the price was low. I just wanted to eat out for a change while window shopping but didn’t want to break the bank.


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