What My Favorite Personal Finance Blogs Have in Common

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One day I thought about why I used to like and follow only four particular blogs despite a myriad of personal finance blogs out there.

They are The Frugal Girl, Six Figures Under, Saving the Crumbs, and Frugalwoods.

Below are the five main features those blogs have in common:

1. They provide the numbers. 

All four blogs publish evidence that details and proves their frugality (i.e. food expenses, monthly income & expenses).

The numbers are not only in their weekly or monthly reports but are sprinkled throughout their posts.

It doesn’t mean that other bloggers are not telling the truth by not providing numbers.

But I’m a data kind of person. No matter how intriguing an argument is, if I don’t see any evidence that backs the claim, it’s still not convincing enough for me.

2. They are females. 

I am a woman and find it easier to relate to female bloggers who also care about our babies, grocery bills, cooking, and family-related topics.

I enjoy how Mrs. Frugalwoods talks about how she finds time to take care of her baby while working from home, how Kristen (The Frugal Girl) prepares delicious meals for her family of six, and how Stephanie (Six Figures Under) finds amazing ways to stretch her food budget and cut expenses.

On Saving The Crumbs, Deb and Al take turns writing their posts, so I can say the blog is also authored by a female blogger.

3. Their posts are not too long. 

Kristen is great at keeping her posts simple yet informative and interesting. I’ve seen blog posts that are a bit too long for me to follow through until the end. I just skim through the writing and try to get the gist of it.

4. Their font is big. 

I know this might sound superficial for a lot of people. But if I need to get my face closer to the screen or manually increase the font size on my computer just to read their posts, then it’s really rare that I keep reading the whole posts or come back to their sites.

5. Their site layout is simple.

Have you ever opened a website and said to yourself: “Oh my, where do I start?” Unfortunately, that’s how I feel about some websites although they offer great content. Feeling overwhelmed is not a good start for me to explore a blog.


The points mentioned above are totally subjective and may not resonate with you. After I started Frugal Asian Finance, I have come across many other amazing personal finance bloggers. But the five factors above have set a strong foundation for how I want to structure and grow my blog.


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