My Small Celebration of Mr. FAF’s New Job

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Mr. FAF got a new job a while back. It was a happy day for both of us.  If you follow my blog, you’ll know Mr. FAF and I currently don’t live in the same city.

To celebrate the good news, I decided to go to the food court at the mall near our house. I got sushi and Philly cheese steak for $18.61 in total. It was a delicious, happy meal. 🙂

Salmon and shrimp sushi – $11

Philly cheese steak – $7.61

There are two reasons why I picked the food court over a restaurant:

1. I’ve always wanted to try the food there. 

I know it’s not top quality. But whenever I go window shopping at that mall, I’ll make sure to walk by the food court and smell the food there. I normally don’t buy anything since (1) I want to save money and (2) I’m trying to lose weight.

I always think about how $7 can get me a bugger & fries combo for a meal or groceries that can last a couple of days.

Having a huge burrito or a Chinese take-out would also undo all the effort I’ve tried so hard to make throughout the week. I’d gain back the weight and would regret it when I jump on the scale.

2. The food court is cheaper than a restaurant. 

At least, I don’t have to pay for tip. Coming from Asia where tipping isn’t the norm, it still makes me a little uncomfortable when I have to pay extra on top of the food price.

It doesn’t mean, however, that I usually just skip it. My feelings don’t matter in this case since tipping at restaurants is the right thing to do. At the food court, however, I guess I have a choice.


Overall, the meal satisfied my craving, which had been growing for months. Now when I go to the mall, I don’t need to keep dreaming about the food there anymore.

And it made me even happier about Mr. FAF’s job offer since I had a legitimate reason to eat out without feeling guilty.


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