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When I first came to America, I was overwhelmed with the wide variety of desserts people eat after a meal: muffins, cake, cookies, cupcakes with a ton of beautiful yet super sweet icing, etc.

I’ve been in America almost 12 years, but I just can’t bring myself to finish a cupcake after a big meal. It’s just too much. Every time I eat cupcake, I need to get rid of the icing. And I can’t finish a big cookie after eating a sandwich.

Although the frugal side in me is screaming: “Don’t waste food!”, my brain keeps telling me to stop the sweetness.

When Mr. FAF and I eat out, we never order dessert. If we go to a Chinese restaurant, chances are we won’t even see any dessert on the menu. And we don’t feel like we’re missing out on anything. Mr. FAF and I are just not into sweet stuff, including chocolate.

We didn’t grow up eating so much cookies or cake. Our palate just doesn’t call for dessert after we finish a meal. In our family, the only dessert we eat, if any, after a meal is fruit.

When I was living with my parents, each of us would have a wedge of orange, cantaloupe, water melon, or mango after we ate. I remember wanting to have more, but since my family was relatively poor at that time, one wedge of orange was my portion.

I keep the habit of eating fruit after a meal even now. I just feel refreshed eating a piece of fruit after a heavy dinner rather than gorging myself on a super sweet muffin.

That said, I do crave and enjoy a cookie or cake every once in a while, but the craving happens probably once every 3-4 weeks. Most of the time, I just have fruit. I usually buy fruit that’s not expensive such as bananas ($.49/lb), strawberry (on sale for $4/2 boxes), oranges (a $12 box can last me a month).

All in all, our Asian dessert helps us stay frugal and healthy.


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