Frugal Weekend in DC – King Street/Old Town

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I had a frugal and eventful weekend which consists of cooking new dishes and exploring King Street – Old Town in DC. I usually spend the weekends at home cleaning, prepping food for the week, watching Youtube videos, writing and reading blogs.

However, this weekend I tried to mix things up a little bit.


I felt creative, so I made some new dishes.


I had some sticky rice in the pantry and Taiwanese sausages in the freezer, so I just put everything in the rice cooker and waited for 40 minutes or so. It tasted ok but didn’t sit well in my stomach. Maybe the sausage was not thoroughly cooked. The rice was a bit mushy. I had some yogurt and strawberry for dessert. That was for lunch.

For dinner, I decided to bake a cake from scratch and make sweet potato and French fries.

I didn’t have butter or whole milk at home, so I just used all-purpose flour, 2 eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, and water to make the cake. It smelled really good but was a bit dry. I think I will add both butter and whole milk next time.

It was my first time making sweet potato fries, and it turned out really well: crunchy and yummy. I tried to make French fries (also for the first time), but it was a fail: salty and mushy. I also made some lime juice for the meal.


On Sunday, I took the train to explore King Street-Old Town. I once complimented my colleague on her beautiful (and expensive-looking) dress. She told me she got it from a consignment store in Old Town, so I wanted to see what treasure I could find there. 

But when I arrived in Old Town, the thought of buying dresses didn’t seem so important to me anymore. I set out to explore the city.

Old Town is true to its name. It’s different from the high-rise buildings, the crazy traffic, and the bustling life in downtown DC. It was old, peaceful, and just very American.

When I got out of the Metro station, I saw the map of Old Town. It shows all the tourist attractions you can find in the city.

There’s a lot to explore: from nature, museums, shops, to restaurants. I didn’t look carefully since I just wanted to walk around and see what surprises came my way.

I walked along a street where there were a lot of shops and restaurants, saw the King Street Waterfront, and ended the trip at a Vietnamese restaurant tucked away on a corner.



To explore Old Town, you can walk, rent a bike from Capital Bikeshare or ride on a trolley. 


I first saw this calming water fountain and then discovered this beautiful King Street Waterfront. 


Everything looked so peaceful. 


Caphe Banh My

I was walking home and planning to finish some leftovers for lunch when I came across this Vietnamese restaurant. At first I just wanted to see what they offered.

When I walked into the restaurant, however, I just couldn’t leave. I was ready to enjoy life a little bit.The last time I ate out was exactly one month ago, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

The grilled pork sandwich didn’t have as much meat as I expected. It was also a bit pricey for its size. But overall, it was tasty, and the taro bubble tea was refreshing. I spent $13.13 in total.


Although I have lived in DC for almost four years, I haven’t explored everything the city has to offer. Yesterday was a day I wanted to change that.

It was a quick 2-hour trip. I didn’t take a boat tour at the Waterfront or check out any museums, but I had a great time visiting Old Town. I spent less than $20 on the whole tour, including lunch and transportation, so I felt pretty happy about my frugal trip.



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