Interview with Mr. FAF – Please Submit Your Questions

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Dear readers,

It’s been almost four months since I started Frugal Asian Finance. I never thought that I would get to where I am today.

Looking back at my 3rd month blog traffic report, I can’t help but feel so pleased with the progress and fortunate to have started this new endeavor of my life.

I hesitated to blog for 12 years partly because I feared that no one would read what I wrote or that I would run out of topics to write about.

Although four months is not a long time, it’s shown me that I made the right decision to start the site and stick with it.

I can’t count how many times I’ve smiled at your comments, laughed at your jokes, and sympathized with the stories you shared on my blog.

I truly feel like I’m talking directly with you about finance, life, goals, and the future. And I shared a lot of those moments with Mr. FAF.

Why I write about Mr. FAF on my blog

If you have followed my site for a while, you might have realized that I write about Mr. FAF quite often. There are three reasons for this. First, my finances are closely tied with Mr. FAF’s, so it is almost impossible for me to discuss my personal finance without mentioning him.

Second, as my husband, Mr. FAF is one of the few people who have seen what I’ve gone through, especially over the past four years. He’s the one who’s seen me smile in my happiest moments, stayed next to me during the birth of our son, stood by me in tough times, comforted me when I’m distressed, and also caused some of the biggest headaches in my life.

And most importantly, Mr. FAF is the father of my beloved son, Baby FAF. And for that, I want to reserve a special place on my blog to express my feelings for him.

Lastly, I think Mr. FAF secretly enjoys being in the spotlight. Mr. FAF is very shy, so whenever I tell him what the readers commented, he’ll just smile and suggest more ideas (related to him) for me to write about. If Mr. FAF weren’t comfortable with me talking about him on my blog, I probably wouldn’t write about him so much.

Preparing for an interview with Mr. FAF

Mr. FAF and I have been in a long-distance marriage for almost 4 years. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs during this time. However, we have overcome a lot of challenges to be together as a family. We even do weird things together as a couple to save money.

I think it’s about time you heard from Mr. FAF directly. Mr. FAF has agreed to sit down with me for an interview so that he can answer your questions.

Please feel free to submit any questions you might have in the comment section below. I talk quietly honestly and openly about our marriage and our frugal life, so don’t be reluctant to ask personal questions. If it’s too personal, I might not answer, but I’ll be sure to read what you have to say.

If you wonder what I’ve written about Mr. FAF, you can check the posts below.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Ms. & Mr. FAF


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16 thoughts on “Interview with Mr. FAF – Please Submit Your Questions”

  • Hey Mr. And Ms. FAF!!
    I’m a relatively new reader to your blog, but I do love seeing a couple who works closely on something as important as their finances. I feel like I can connect with you on alot, especially your saying that you have put off a blog for a long time. My husband and I just started a blog and hope to feel as confident as you at the 4 month mark!
    Ok, for Mr. FAF from my Hubs- Living across the country from your family has to be tough. How do you stay involved in the day to day and the little moments happening in DC, and still be focused to do your job? My husband said that he feels that would be the toughest part.

    • Hi Ember, Welcome to the blogging, welcome to the blogging community! I’m so glad you guys started on your new blog. Thanks for the great question! 🙂

  • Mrs. FAF, you should get an affiliate link going for hosting companies. Blue host or some other good server. Your blog is doing quite well and you should learn how to generate affiliate income from it.
    For Mr. FAF – What would you do if Mrs. FAF makes say $100,000/year from this blog or some other side hustle? Can you handle making less money?

    • Thanks for the great suggestion, Joe! I’m still torn between doing affiliate marketing right away and waiting for more (hopefully better) opportunities. >_< I'll keep your advice in mind. 🙂 That's a great question! Just to clarify, you're asking if Mr. FAF would mind making less money than me, correct? If yes, that's a question I ask him all the time and would love to see how he answers it at the interview as well! 😀

  • oh this sounds fun!
    was pursuing higher education in a different state worth the long distance relationship? Why didn’t you try to find a school closer to Mrs. FAF?
    Do you ever wish Mrs. FAF took a job closer to you?
    Were all these questions answered already on the blog? Im new here, so sorry if these were! I know a lot of couples that separated from their loved ones for school/job, so saying “find a job/school/city that works for both couple” is over simplified.It takes crazy sacrifice, kudos to you guys to making it look easy! 🙂

  • Ms. FAF, you previously mentioned that Mr. FAF sees blogging as a hobby so my question is this –

    Mr. FAF, do you still see blogging as a hobby or are you starting to change your mind and see it as a potential income opportunity?

  • Yay, can’t wait to hear more from Mr. FAF- I like hearing about him because he’s very similar to Mr. NavigatingAdulthood, haha.

    Here are my questions for Mr. FAF:
    What is your favorite frugal date night idea?
    What is your top money saving tip?

  • Yay! So excited for this, I hope it’s not to late to be submitting my questions!

    Dear Mr. FAF,

    1. What do you think are the biggest challenges of a long distance marriage, do you think your challenges are the same as Ms. FAF’s?
    2. How do you feel about Baby FAF being so far away?
    3. If you were to start a blog, what would it be about? 😛
    4. What do you think are the biggest role/responsibilities you take care of in the marriage?
    5. What are your favorite qualities about Ms. FAF?
    6. When and how did you know you wanted to marry Ms. FAF? (and Ms. FAF, I’d be curious about your reasons too! I think you’ve alluded here and there to them in the blog, but I’d love to hear all your reasons!)

    Thank youu! Very excited to see Mr. FAF’s answers! I feel like some of these are hot seat questions 😀

    • Wow these are AMAZING questions! I will make sure Mr. FAF answers them all. I’m also curious to see what his answers will be haha. Thank you, Jing! <3

  • How much longer it will be before the three of you are all living under the same roof for good? Also, how do you think your frugality compares to Mrs FAF’s? Was your background similar to hers (where she grew up in a low-income family) and did that help shape the way you manage your money? Also, what’s your secret to long distance driving? Do you just chug coffee or some kind of energy drink?

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