6 Unexpected Benefits Of Personal Finance Blogging

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When I started Frugal Asian Finance on March 21, 2017, my main purpose was to start a side business by doing something I enjoy: writing about being frugal.

I have written multiple posts about topics such as the role of frugality in my marriage, our monthly food expenses, and our money saving tips.

I think about my blog every day and always feel like I’m running against time to make it better.

I have been getting such great feedback from the reader and other fellow bloggers.

I have also received so many unexpected benefits of blogging that I never expected.

1. Making new friends

When I left comments on other bloggers’ sites, I never thought it would lead to an ongoing conversation between us.

I feel happy when I get a response from the bloggers that I follow. I feel like they are talking directly to me.

I am deeply touched by many readers and bloggers who consistently leave feedback on what I write.

Thanks to Twitter, I have been able to carry on those conversations through retweeting, likes, replies to their tweets, and messaging.

In fact, the first blogger who messaged me on Twitter was Lily at The Frugal Gene about how my comment box wasn’t working. It turned out to be a default setting issue with WordPress. Without her, I don’t know if I would ever figure it out by myself. I must have disappointed a lot of readers up until Lily informed me.

Since then, Lily and I have teamed up on various fronts of blogging. Without Lily, I don’t think I would have gotten this far with Pinterest.

I can’t name all of the bloggers who I have interacted with on Twitter since there are so many of them, but I am grateful for any like, retweeting, and comments I have gotten.

2. Getting more savvy with social media

Prior to blogging, I was perfectly happy with being on Facebook and Youtube every day. Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram? I had heard about them but had absolutely no interest in exploring those platforms. What are they for anyway? I can post my statuses, pictures, and interact with my friends on Facebook instead.

After I started blogging, I realized the importance of social media in growing blog traffic and audience. I grudgingly got onto Twitter after months of putting it off. Two weeks later, I was hooked. My personal Facebook account is now almost dormant. I only use it to update my family in Vietnam on our life here in America.

My next challenge was Pinterest. While Twitter was intuitive and similar to Facebook, Pinterest was a different beast. I found myself researching and reading about Pinterest every single day for a month. I learned a lot not only about the platform but also the business side of engaging the audience and acquiring new followers (potentially customers).

Pinterest remains a social platform that never ceases to intrigue and challenge me. Being able to navigate and grow my traffic on Pinterest, though slowly, is such a rewarding feeling. It is difficult, but I will not give up on it.

I am still learning about Instagram. But getting on all of these social platforms and learning how they work makes me feel 5 years younger. Now I can somewhat keep up with all the hype the younger generation is going through and raving about. This is all thanks to blogging.

3. Learning about running a business

What I learned in school about doing business was theoretically sound. What I’ve learned about starting a business as a blogger is practically eye-opening.

I never understood why some people are so passionate in their business that they’re willing to work on it day and night. I have heard about and seen people not taking any weekends off and working until 2-3 AM on their business every day.

If they are their own boss, I wondered, why don’t they choose a more flexible schedule and enjoy life a little? After all, no one is there to supervise them or decide how much they get paid.

I wasn’t until I started Frugal Asian Finance that I knew what it’s like to work tirelessly on something I’m truly passionate about. Every day I wake up thinking about what I will do about my blog. I think about blogging when I’m eating, walking, doing the dishes, taking a shower, and cleaning the house.

I used to think that I need at least 7 hours of sleep a day to be able to function. Now I sleep 5-6 hours a day even on the weekends and still feel ok. Even when I feel tired, the drive to produce quality content and increase blog traffic keeps me awake more effectively than any tea or coffee I’ve ever tried.

I devote my time to my blog because I want to, not because I have to.

4. Seeing the power of free resources on the internet

After I started blogging, I have come across many great courses that show me how to improve my blog traffic, harness the power of Pinterest, and make affiliate marketing work to my advantage.

Many times when I got stuck, especially with Pinterest, I was tempted to take out my credit card in order to seek quick solutions to my problems.

However, I always have to remind myself that I’m blogging on a budget and can’t afford to pay for everything that I think will be helpful. That’s when finding substitutes proves its power to help me save money. I turned to the free resources on the internet and was amazed at all the free content available.

Not all great resources will appear after one click on Google. But the drive to find the solutions to my problems and the desire to save money really upped my patience and motivation. I didn’t find everything that I needed, but I considered it adequate for the amount that it cost: $0.

5. Seeing the power of team work 

I am a team player. I work well with my colleagues and truly believe that two heads are better than one. But blogging has taken my understanding of team work to the next level.

I can’t count how many bloggers have helped me promote my content, tackle the technical issues on my blog, and explore the power of social media. I have never met them, but they have included me in many amazing mastermind groups.

They have inspired me to think outside of the box and explore the potential and ability that I never thought I had. Without them, my blog would not be where it is today.

6. Facing my own fear and insecurities

Some readers kindly commented that I was brave to share the issues Mr. FAF and I have in our marriage and how we’re working to address them. I can’t remember how many times I thought about not publishing that article. After all, what happens between Mr. FAF and me is personal. And more importantly, I was afraid of showing my flaws and being judged.

I also hesitated to publish the post about why we sent our son to live with my in-laws in China for a year and talk about the tough times I went through growing up in a low-income family. Those are definitely not my most favorite memories. It makes me sad to even think about what happened, let alone writing about it.

But ignoring the problems is not the best way to address them. I can refuse to think about all the trouble in our lives or I can share it on my blog as a way to look at myself in the mirror and ask myself what I can do better. Blogging, to me, is therapeutic in so many ways.


I started my blog with a view to turning it into a side business one day. However, in the process, I have received so many unexpected benefits from blogging. I learned so much more about myself as a person, a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, a team player, and a learner.

What I value the most about blogging so far is the interaction and connection I’ve developed with the reader and other fellow bloggers. They have shown me a whole new world that I never knew existed or thought I would be part of.

I have also started on a journey to face my own fear and insecurities. I believe that at the end of this blogging journey, I will come out a stronger and better person. I can proudly say to the world that I have flaws, and I’m not ashamed to work towards improving them.

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30 thoughts on “6 Unexpected Benefits Of Personal Finance Blogging”

  • I’m listed under friends!!! *Groovy dance!!!* I can relate to all of these (especially #1 duh hehe)!!!

    I love your #6! Personally I’m not at the #6’s mindset myself. Getting there but yeah, I still fear judgement. You can definitely tell being personable makes a big impact. Maybe I should loosen up a bit ^_^

    • You ARE! I thought you knew :p I think #6’s easier for me because I blog anonymously. I would be super careful about what I say on my blog if everyone knew who I am >_<

  • I stuck around to read your post because of how nice and friendly you sound (weird? I know?)

    I just started my blogging journey and I have learned quiet a lot of things from you such as;

    -engaging with other readers and forming a community. I am still struggling with creating relationships with other bloggers in my niche.

    I think Personal Finance bloggers are the most friendly in the blogosphere and they are really interested in building relationships.

    I find myself going to most Personal Finance blogs than blogs in my niche. ?

    – Utilizing free resources as a newbie blogger.

    -Being passionate and enjoying the process.

    You are doing a great job Ms FAF, keep going.

  • Many people think that making money with a blog is easy and you just need to share your experiences. What people don’t realize is that there are a lot more going on behind the scene that hat makes blogging hard work. Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with great rewards.

    Even though I am not making a lot of money with my blog now, there are great potentials and opportunities if I continue to work hard.

    Keep on going FAF. Don’t stop till you get to the top.

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Leo! Your blog looks great, and I have no doubt you will grow in the future. I have a lot to learn from you! ^.^

  • I have found many of the same surprising benefits in the past few months! I knew I would be fining a new community and some type of fellowship, but I have been blown away by the support and motivation derived from blogging. Keep it up, Ms. FAF… I love reading your blog 🙂

    • You’re so sweet, Mrs. Adventure Rich! I’m glad we share the same thoughts about the PF blogging community. ^.^

  • Although we’re still new to this, we have been talking about many of these things. I’ve loved making connections and having the chance to learn from people that are alot further or even just a bit further along than we are. I’m really excited to grow those relationships and to continue to learn about building a business!

    • I can tell you’re doing a great job making connections with other fellow bloggers, Ember! Keep up the great work! 😉

  • I, too, am blown away by the helpfulness and warmth of the personal finance blogging community as a whole. It’s full of people from every ethnic background, every income bracket, every perspective… but everyone comes to it hoping to empower, inform and relate to their readers. I considered myself an “advanced” personal finance nerd when I started blogging, but I find that I’m learning something new, whether it’s a new way of thinking about something or a new tip, each day just by checking out everyone else’s blog and scrolling through twitter. What a great thing to be a part of!

    • I’m glad you’re having a great time joining the blogging community. I checked our your blog and thought it was great. Keep it up! 🙂

  • #1 has been the most unexpected benefit of blogging for me. Although my online connections are new, I can definitely relate to many. We don’t meet too many people who think like we do every day. When we do, it’s almost an instant connection, don’t you think?

    #6 got me wondering if it would have been easier to be more honest blogging anonymously. I do want to share painful memories and experiences in the future to help other people who struggle like I have struggled. The money would be great but I’d rather help people in the process without making too much. I’d like to have an abundance of both though.

  • The personal finance community has been my biggest surprise (in a good way) so far. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming, helpful, etc. I can’t say enough to how amazing it has been. I feel like as we progress in our professional lives it can be challenging at times to find communities to connect with but this has definitely been one. I look forward to chatting with so many of you out there and those who are on the fence about starting a blog or reaching out just go ahead and do it. We’re all a pretty cool group 🙂

  • I’m so glad that you did start blogging! I love reading your blog and I’m so glad to hear that it’s had all these benefits – which made me realize that I’m reaping the benefits of those points as well. Granted, I have more time than most, but now that I’m on a contract, I’m already waking up earlier and being more productive in the hopes of utilizing my time to its fullest!

  • Keep up with good work. I am sure that will all pay well in time to come. Life has its up and down. Maintain a positive and rightful mind is important. As always l am looking forward to read your blog

  • I agree, there’s a lot to be thankful for as a PF blogger 🙂 The personal finance bloggers’ community is simply amazing, I’m glad to be a part of it.

    I’m curious though, why did you mention the “end of this blogging journey”? I’ve never though of blogging as a time frame, I’m personally hoping to be able to blog happily ever after 😀

  • I agree with these blogging benefits! When I first started, I didn’t expect to connect with so many other amazing bloggers who are just as passionate about personal finance as I am. Definitely with you on Twitter… I never even had a personal account; but now I’m on Twitter more than Facebook, haha.

  • Thanks for sharing =) It looks like you’re deriving a lot of benefits. Maybe not all are tangible, but they’re benefits nonetheless. The therapeutic aspect, the friendships, the learning as you go. These are all not only practical, but good to experience in general! I can personally say that I’ve enjoyed the personal aspect of getting to know the PF community as well!

  • Really cool. That’s why I think everyone should start a blog. Give it a shot and see where it takes you.
    Very interesting about it being therapeutic. Sometime I find it hard to talk to Mrs. RB40 and I write about the topic. She can read about it and respond in her own time. Blogging is a great outlet.

  • This post is so inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing this! I just started my blog July 2017 and I’m giddy with excitement each and every day thanks to my blog. It’s such a great feeling knowing I’m sharing my passion with the world! A lot of what you said is so relatable, although I’ve found it a bit harder to network so thanks for the tips about social media!

  • All good points you mention. For me, I would add that being a financial blogger I feel a lot more connected to my investments as I read and write about different stocks every single day. Blogging also forces me to be accountable for my actions of buying and selling stock and know where every invested dollar goes.

  • I love what you said on #3! I used to wonder the same thing, but now I can hardly fall asleep at night thinking about all the things I want to do for my blog! It’s so amazing to feel so in touch and engaged with something again–I haven’t felt this way for so long about work!

  • Great post. I recently started blogging myself and have found similar benefits. I was pretty amazed how friendly the blogging community can be. It really seems like a big family sometimes in which everyone is supportive and trying to help each other succeed. Good luck as you continue to grow!

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