List of Asian Personal Finance Bloggers – Part 4

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After publishing part 3 of the List of Asian Personal Finance Bloggers, I was blown away by your unwavering support and feedback.

Many of you expressed an interest in seeing an addition to the series, and I’ve been happy to keep growing the list over this past month.

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Without further ado, here are our amazing Asian personal finance bloggers:

A Frugal Family’s Journey by Mr. AFFJ

Mr. AFFJ is a 41 year-old government employee by day and a blogger by night.

His wife stays at home to take care of their 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, but she plans to return to the workforce at the end of the year.

After getting married, Mr. AFFJ and his wife sold Mr. AFFJ’s first home, which he had bought from his parents, for a $300,000 profit in less than a week.

With such a quick sale and the urge to find a new place to live, Mr. AFFJ and his wife moved in with his in-laws 7 months after they got married.

During the 9 months of living with their parents, they lived off of the interest from their first home profit and saved close to $100,000.

Mr. AFFJ and his wife have been investing in the stock market for 10 years. They make roughly $1,700/year from the dividend paying stocks in their portfolio. They plan to be financially independent in 14 years.

Mr. AFFJ lives with his wife and two children in Orange County, CA.

Adulting Millennial by Aya

Aya got a corporate job at a multi-national company after receiving her Master’s degree and fell victim to lifestyle inflation.

With a higher salary than she was used to, Aya started buying clothes and makeup, eating out on a daily basis, and purchasing gadgets and a bigger apartment.

After a year, Aya realized she needed to go back to frugality and have fought hard to stop lifestyle inflation.

After hesitating to start blogging for a while, Aya decided to launch her blog in 2017.

Aya offers tips and tricks on adulting such as finances, retirement investment, travel hacking, and debt payoff.

Bayalis Is The Answer by Mrs. BITA

Mrs. BITA is a 38-year-old software engineer. Her husband, Mr. BITA, is a 32-year-old programmer. Mrs. BITA has lived in various places in India and the world partly because her dad used to work as a doctor in the Indian army.

Mr. BITA worked in Bangalore for a then US-based startup company nicknamed “George” for five years. She then moved to their headquarters office in Silicon Valley on an L1 visa right before her 30th birthday.

Despite knowing her colleagues via email and videos back in India and speaking the language fluently, Mrs. BITA has had challenges adapting to the new life in the US such as getting a social security number (SSN) and opening a credit card. She was offered a car loan at 16.5% by Bank of America which she declined.

In 2016, Mrs. BITA learned about FIRE and started her blog to document her journey to early retirement.

BeSmartRich by Mr. BSR

Mr. BSR is a chartered accountant in his 30s and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. He was born in South Korea. Mr. BSR came to Canada to study English and work for 6 months in 2006.

While studying English, Mr. BSR worked as a dish washer and pawn shop assistant making less than $7 an hour. Determined to get out of poverty and stay in the land of opportunity, he decided to get an education from an affordable business school in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

His hard work paid off. Mr. BSR graduated among the top 10 commerce graduates with Summa Cum Laude and landed a job offer from a top 4 accounting firm one year before his graduation. He got married in 2013 and became a Canadian citizen in 2015.

Mr. BSR started his blog to encourage everyone to study hard, work efficiently, be frugal, and invest wisely. He sets himself as an example of someone who made less than a minimum wage, had no English skills, and was a high school graduate living far away from home in a totally new country.

Brokepedia by Kristin Wong

Kristin is an award-winning personal finance writer and journalist. She used to work as a correspondent for the MSN Living original series, Sex by the Numbers. Kristin is a regular contributor for Lifehacker and mental_floss.

She launched Brokepedia in 2014 after her fear of getting laid off became a reality. On her blog, Kristen started documenting what she has learned about saving and making money.

Kristin has since been featured on Kiplinger, American Public Media, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider. She has also written for NBC News, the Scripps network, Bankrate, and Fidelity.

Casual Investing by Mr. CI

Mr. CI has lived with his wife and two boys, aged 9 and 7, in the East Bay of San Francisco since 2013. He started his blog to share his experiences and be part of a personal finance community.

Mr. CI’s family lives on one income and has prioritized their financial future since the purchase of their home. Mr. CI completed his first financial goal of buying one stock via Robinhood on June 23, 2017. He is waiting to receive his first dividend payout and plans to increase his contributions each month.

Centsible Indian by Pratheeba

Pratheeba studied engineering in India before coming to America to pursue an MBA. While being naturally frugal, she has learned a lot about financial planning, investment, and other finance-related topics through her MBA.

On her blog, Pratheeba talks about the following topics: Family Finance, Budgeting, Organization, Meal Planning, Lifestyle, and Recipes. She currently lives with her husband of 8 years and her two children (a boy and a girl) in the US.

Filling The Pig by Kevin

Kevin has been financially hemorrhaged and in debt. But he always found ways to get out of financial hardships and learned from his mistakes. He has managed large corporate budgets, operated three side businesses, and invested in stocks.

Kevin has been doing his own taxes since the age of 16 and has been audited by the IRS due to his multiple side businesses. He has loved both experiences and thus considered himself “nerdy.”

His side businesses included equipment flipping, outdoor equipment rental, real estate flipping, and rental properties. He invested $10,000 in the stock market after it crashed in 2008 and had roughly $18,000 in his account a year later. His return in 2016 was 36%.

Kevin is half Japanese and half Swedish.

One Cent at a Time by Mr. SMB

Mr. SMB is in his mid 30s and works in the Technology department of a major financial corporation. After getting a Masters degree in Computer Science from one of the top universities in India, he was transferred by his America-based employer to their head office in the US. Mr. SMB plans to climb up the corporate ladder and then transition to full-time blogging in the future.

Mr. SMB has never been in debt or paid any interest rates or penalty fees. He is passionate about frugality, investment, and finance. He takes pride in being a go-to financial advisor for his colleagues at work.

With a strong belief that building wealth takes time, he named his personal finance blog One Cent at a Time, where he shares his tips on staying debt free and “How to be rich.”

Mr. SMB currently lives with his wife and son in Miami, Florida.

Passive Income M.D. by Mr. PMID

Mr. Passive Income M.D. (PIMD) is an anesthesiologist. He lives with his family (his wife, kids, and multiple dogs) on the West Coast. Mr. PIMD’s end goal is to balance spending time with family and meeting the requirements of his demanding profession.

Mr. PIMD didn’t realize the potential of passive income until he read books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The 4-Hour WorkweekWith his friend’s encouragement, Mr. PIMD started Passive Income M.D. to document his path to passive income which will enable him to dedicate more time to his family.

Penny Wise Dollar Wiser by James

James is in his early 30s and is married with one kid. During the 2008 financial crisis, he got laid off due to his company’s cost reduction strategy. The company later filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

Feeling the pressure of no income, no savings, and $41,000 in student loans, James moved back home to live with his parents. Amidst all the financial turmoil, his then girlfriend decided to break up with him.

After recovering from such unfortunate and sudden events, James set his mind on changing his life and finances. He began learning about money management, investment, and entrepreneurship. Since then, James has paid off his student loans, increased his savings, invested in stocks and bonds, and started two successful businesses.

James and his wife currently work full-time. However, with the birth of their son, his wife plans to become a stay-at-home mom. Thanks to their careful budget planning, James and his wife are on their way to retiring by 40 despite the incoming loss of his wife’s steady income.


That’s a wrap-up of our list of Asian personal finance bloggers – part 4. I hope you found more blogs that resonate with you and pique your interest.

I no longer update the list. You can find the complete list here. Thank you ALL for your support with this project!

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