When Love Doesn’t Make Financial Sense

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I have a guest post titled “When Love Doesn’t Make Financial Sense” featured on Bobby Hoyt’s Millennial Money Man, a great personal finance blog for millennials.

In this post, I share the story of how Mr. FAF and I met and overcame the challenges of our 3.5 year long-distance marriage to finally reunite with our son, who was in China with my in-laws for more than a year.

Our parents have made incredible sacrifices for us and expected nothing in return. Mr. FAF and I got married when we were two poor students not knowing what the future held for us.

But in the end, everything just came together because we had a strong belief that with hard work, dedication, and commitment, no mountain was too high, and no distance was too far.

At the end of the day, our family always has each other.

Love is so strange. It’s such a simple word with only four letters. But it can give us such insurmountable strength that motivates us to work hard for our family and our future.

Sometimes love just makes no financial sense. Love doesn’t bring us money or promise any return to our investment. But we can always make our finances thrive on the power of love.

Below is a snippet of the post:

“My parents weren’t so thrilled about my decision. Although they liked that Mr. FAF is well-educated, they were worried about me.

It is a tradition in Vietnam and many other Asian countries that a man should have a stable job and a house to take care of his family before he gets married.

Mr. FAF had neither of those. All he had at that time was his determination to finish the doctoral degree and an ambitious dream about the future.”

Please check out the rest of the story here.


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