10 Cheesy & Cheap Valentine’s Gifts To Woo Him Or Her

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Valentine’s coming, and I can already feel the love in the air (and on the internet).

You probably are wondering how you can show your love in the best way possible.

Today we have a guest post about Valentine’s gift ideas from Stacy B. Miller.

I hope this post will pique your interest and creativity.


Stacy is a content editor at Oak View Law Group. Her articles are a beautiful union of her love for money and playing with words.

After working as a content writer for 5 years, she launched her own blog kissyourmoney.com where she posts articles on money, credit, debt, personal finance, and other financial topics.

Her blog gives real-world advice, tips and tricks to manage money like a pro.

In the next 5 years, her plan is to explore the world and take her blog to the next level.


It’s February!!! It’s time for romance, fun, gifts, and celebration because Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

If your significant other rolls his/her eyes at the mention of the Valentine’s Day, then here are a few cheeky and cheesy gifts you can give him/her this year without breaking your budget.

If subtlety is not your forte, then I’m sure you’re going to love these ideas.

1. You’re always on my mind envelope.

Write “You’re always on my mind” phrase on the envelope cover or a piece of white paper and make two columns on it.

Something like this:

My Checklist

Keep this checklist inside the envelope. The checklist shows that you’re always thinking about your boyfriend/girlfriend every day in a month.

2. Cactus

I bet you haven’t thought about gifting it to your boyfriend/girlfriend even in your nightmares.

But trust me when I tell you that boyfriend or girlfriend will love you even more after receiving this gift.

Just give a personal touch to this gift by giving a special message:

“My life sucks like this cactus without you.”

3. Socks with a personal message

Gift him/her a pair of cute socks. But don’t forget to add a personal message to it. Write something like this:

“Dear Valentine (you can also write his/her name)
You knock my socks off.”

Isn’t it too cute and cheesy? I hope someone gives me this gift on the Valentine’s Day. (Someone listening???)

4. A bunch of bananas

Buy a bunch of bananas and keep them in a transparent zipper bag. Paste a sticker of a monkey on it. Just below it, paste a white paper and write “I am bananas for you.”

Just look at the expression of your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/friend after receiving this gift. I’m sure his/her heart will melt with each bite of a banana.

5. You’re my sunshine card

I guess you know how to make a card. If you don’t know, just watch a Youtube video and make a card. It’s not that tough. It hardly takes a few minutes.

Once you make the card, it’s time to take the next step. Draw a bright sun in its full glory and write:

You’re my sunshine
You light up my life
Love you……….

If you want to do something different, there is yet another thing you can do. Paint a yummy pizza slice on the card and write “You have stolen a pizza of my heart”.

There is yet another cheesy and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift idea for you. Order a pizza with loads of extra cheese. Cut a slice from that pizza and then add that personal message.

Don’t worry about the remaining pizza. Both of you can eat the entire pizza afterward. This is truly the best cheesy Valentine’s Day gift. What do you say?

6. A heart-warming video

There are loads of video maker apps. Research a little bit, read the reviews and download the best app on your smartphone.

Collect all the pictures of your significant other (the ones that are special), download a few quotes and a romantic song (you’ll get them from Google).

Open the video maker and follow all the instructions. Upload the images, quotes, and song. The video maker will create a romantic video within a few minutes.

If you want to edit an image, add a line on any image; the video maker will give you that option. Send this video to him/her when the clock strikes 12 am on February 14.

7. A photo frame with 2 spoons

Somebody has told very rightly that you don’t need to be a millionaire to win hearts. A little imagination, honest approach, and a pinch of love can help you woo him or her easily.

Buy a simple photo frame and two spoons (one big and the other one small). Place the 2 spoons adjacent to each other and fix them on the photo frame (the place where we usually keep the photo). Write below “Spooning since 2010”.

This gift is perfect for those couples who are together for a long time. Such a cheesy and thoughtful gift.

8. A small piece of wood with a message

Buy a small piece of wood or cut a small piece of wood from a tree and paint in white color. If you want to paint it in some other color, you can do that also.

Take a small piece of paper. Type “wood you be mine” on it and tie it with that wood. A simple message changes the meaning of the gift altogether.

9. Globe

Love watching 3D movies? It’s time to give a 3D love letter to your Valentine. Traditional love letters are too dull and boring nowadays. You can write love letters in blood, but there is no excitement.

This year, gift a globe to your Valentine and write “You mean the world to me.” This adorable message will let your sweetheart know how much you love him or her.

10. A jar of honey

Appeal to your Valentine’s sweet sentiments by giving a jar of honey including a special note (pun obviously intended). The special note can be something like ‘bee mine’.


Hopefully, this list of gifts will make your loved one smile and blush. The best part of these gifts is that you don’t have to spend a fortune for them, but you’ll get a million-dollar smile from your significant other.

Get ready to be punny this year.

Do you have any other cheesy Valentine day gift idea on your mind? How are you planning to surprise your spouse this year? Share your thoughts. Would love to know about them.


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