4 Ways to Save On Your Heating Bill

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Your heating bill can be an unpleasant surprise during the cooler months of the year. Not every person or a house owner can afford to have an internal heating system working for them 24/7.

People like to save as much as they can from everywhere, be it food or water. For those with a fixed income, it can be extremely hard to save at the end of the month because of inflation and rising prices.

In the coldest regions of the world, heating is basic necessity, but heating can be very expensive. Learning how to save a few bucks in small but effective ways can save you a lot of money. There are a few practical steps that you can take to save on your heating bill. 

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1. Regulate Your Thermostat

The thermostat controls the temperature in an HVAC system that cools or warms the air. You can reduce your heating bills by making a few changes in the way you use your thermostat.

For example, you can reduce your thermostat by a few degrees before you sleep. Since air temperature can impact your sleep quality, and people tend to sleep better in a cool environment, lowering your thermostat can actually help you sleep better and reduce your heating bill.

The easiest and least expensive approach to bring down your warming expenses is to turn down the heat. Rather than wrenching up the indoor regulator to 72°F, keep it at a consistent 68°F or underneath and dress for the climate.

By bringing down the indoor regulator one single degree somewhere in the range of 60°F and 70°F, you can spare 5 percent on your heating bill.

You can also reduce your thermostat when you are not at home to avoid wasting energy by heating an empty house. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that is easy to control. 

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2. Benefit from Natural Light 

Keeping your windows uncovered during the day lets natural light into your home or office. This can heat your building naturally for a few hours each day, but remember to close your blinds or curtains at night to retain your indoor temperature.

Additionally, clinical research shows that vitamin D is essential for your health to maintain healthy bones and reduce the risk of fractures. Exposing your skin to sunlight indoors during the early hours of the day can help your body to make the vitamin D that it needs in addition to reducing your heating bill. 

3. Check Your Insulation

Your home’s insulation, a layer that is built into your building to keep your indoor air, can have a big impact on your heating bill. Insulation helps keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside. 

In a home with damaged or insufficient insulation, the HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a specific temperature, which leads to a higher heating bill during the winter months. Checking your insulation regularly and making any necessary repairs can reduce your heating costs. 

Water damage, unusually high energy bills, or pests can be indicators of faulty insulation.  Sealing your chimney flue when you are not using it is one of the many things that you can do to improve your home’s insulation.

4. Maintain Your Heating Unit

The efficiency of your heating system can also impact how much you need to spend to heat your home. Hiring a regular HVAC service to maintain your system and perform any necessary repairs or installations can reduce your heating bill in the long term. Additionally, remember to clean your vents and radiators, and avoid blocking them with heavy furniture or rugs to maintain their performance. 

Even though all the above-mentioned points cover the technology aspects, here are different types of insulations that should be added to reduce the heating bills as well as save money.

Wearing proper clothes like warm jackets and sweaters can keep the heat, and you would be warm enough to not need so much heat inside or even outside the house, which would automatically save money.

You can use these techniques to start reducing your heating costs. While some of these methods do require an initial investment such as insulation, this can be offset by the long-term savings on your heating bills. So, gear up to save on your next bill!


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  • I reset my thermostat down to 66 during the day (from 68) and to 60 (down from 62) overnight. I was surprised by how much my utility bill went down. Little changes do add up quickly.

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