Top 4 Money-Wasting HVAC Mistakes

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When you’re thinking about saving money, your HVAC unit usually isn’t a priority. However, your HVAC system can make a big difference in your monthly energy bill in all sorts of ways. Avoid the following common mistakes that can end up being big money-wasters.

Not Changing the Air Filter

An old, dirty air filter can bring two issues. One is that the air you’re breathing could be much less clean than desired. The other issue is that the dirt clogs the unit since air can’t properly pass through.

This makes the HVAC unit less efficient as it has to work harder to work properly. In fact, a clogged air filter can add up to 15% more energy consumption than a clean one.

This can actually lead to the unit breaking down, which could cost even more money for the repair and servicing. This is why it’s best to regularly change your filter to maximize its efficiency and save money.

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Lowering or Raising the Temperature Too Much

It’s a myth that lowering or raising the thermostat by a lot will help cool or heat your house faster. Your HVAC unit will actually work at the same rate.

Unfortunately, the only thing that happens is that you actually end up making your unit work harder, which means a heftier bill for you when it comes time to pay.

Setting your thermostat closer to the outdoor temperature when you’re not home or when you’re going to sleep means your unit will be turning on and off less, which will also give you some big savings. However, don’t fully turn it off; turning the unit back on will cause it to drastically adjust to get back to the right temperature.

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Closing Vents or Doors to Zone

Although it seems like a good idea to try and force air to go into other directions or rooms by closing certain vents or room doors, it’s actually very inefficient.

Very little of the air will get redirected where you want it, and instead gets forced back in through the duct and often escapes through duct leaks.

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Not Scheduling Regular Maintenance Checks

It’s recommended that you get your unit serviced at least once a year to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency. Routine service ensures that no major problems or inefficiencies pop up, which can lead to huge costs down the road.

If possible, it’s recommended to have your air conditioner serviced in the spring and your furnace serviced in the fall to prepare for the months that they will be used.

Again, the money you spend on preventative service will help avoid possibly large costs later on. You should always avoid trying to service your unit yourself. It’s worth it to hire a professional.

All of these common HVAC mistakes can end up costing you a ton of money if you are not careful. Being knowledgeable and proactive will help you save big on your energy costs!

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