4 Steps to Market and Grow Your Blog

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A blog is a great tool for businesses to use to market their products and services while improving their ranking on search engines. What many people don’t know is that a blog can also be a business within itself.

If you run a blog, you know that you can make money from affiliate marketing and influencing, one day making enough to work completely for yourself.

Whether you’re blogging for your business or your business is a blog, here are a few steps that you can take to market and grow your blog.

1. Hire Contractors

The best way to grow your blog to a point where it’s something you can market is to post as much quality content as possible. The more informative while conversational, the better.

If your goal is to boost your SEO, you should also hire an SEO or digital marketing professional to help you craft content that will engage customers. If your goal is to get more visitors to your blog, you’ll need to have quality content that makes them want to stay.

Hiring contractors is easy. You can post an ad on any job board to find tons of qualified applicants. You don’t want to hire just anyone, though, which is why ShareAble for Hire suggests performing a pre employment background check, stating:

“Performing background checks during pre-employment screening can help confirm your hiring decision and keep your business profitable and productive.”

Running a background check can give you valuable information about your prospective contractor’s past work, including employment history and criminal background. This allows you to make an informed decision about which candidates are the right candidate to work for you.

2. Use Social Media

You can use social media marketing tactics to market your blog and get it in front of thousands of eyes at one time. If you already have a large following, you can post your blog on all of your social media platforms and share information about what the blog is about and why it’s valuable to read.

This will help establish you as a thought leader in any number of industries. If your Facebook page is a little bare and you don’t have tons of engagements, you can always boost a post that contains a link to your blog to get more visitors to your site.

Make sure to create an online presence across many different social media platforms and use different forms of media to promote your blog.

3. Use Email Marketing

An email newsletter is a great way to get people to your blog, especially if they haven’t visited the website in a long time.

To get people to subscribe to your newsletter, you can offer them something for free, like a guide or an ebook that concerns something they might want to know.

For example, if you’re marketing a pet blog, you might offer a free e-book about house training a puppy in exchange for their subscription.

Through your list of subscribers, you can build powerful connections so that you can market your blog to those who are already looking for information about the topics you cover.

4. Start Networking

Marketing and building your blog is about working with other people and learning from them.

You can use social media to network by reaching out to fellow bloggers and building a beneficial relationship involving sharing links that can help both of you promote your blogs.

The more bloggers and marketing professionals you communicate with, the more opportunities to have to learn from their successes and failures.

Networking can also help you get more guest posting opportunities, which are crucial when you’re trying to grow your blog as they link back to your website and present you with new readers.

Growing a blog isn’t easy, but if writing and sharing information with others is your passion, it’s something that can be rewarding both financially and emotionally.

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