7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home For the Fall Season

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Spring cleaning is a chore that few people look forward to. From moving furniture and finally cleaning under these pieces to dusting the shelves and organizing the top of the fridge, these aren’t fun tasks to check off. However, for many of us, the opposite is true when it comes to decorating and sprucing up the home for the fall season.

While some folks will look for that perfect investment piece for their home, there’s a lot you can do without an extravagant budget. From the living room to the bedroom and all the spaces in-between, we’ve got some great tips that can help freshen up your home without spending a ton of cash.

1. Use Your Photos

Nearly everyone has a wide range of photos stored away in their phones. Unlike the “old” days where we all had was photo albums of those cherished moments, many pictures are now located on a mobile device or cloud system. Most of the time, the only way anyone will see the pictures you have taken is if you post them on social media or share them in a text message.

Taking a few special photos and having a custom canvas collage made is a great way to spruce up the living room or hallway. Whether it’s a collage of the kids and grandkids or snapshots of your vacations, it’s a beautiful way to display your photographic skills.

2. Fall Isn’t Fall Without Pumpkins

You can always tell that fall is in the air when the fast food and coffee chains start promoting their pumpkin spice concoctions. Of course, fall means that Halloween is just around the corner, and while you might opt for a few jack-o-lanterns to celebrate, you can spruce up the inside or outside of your home before the holiday with some ceramic pumpkin decorations.

3. A Simple & Cute Pinecone 

While some people may have a financial plan laid out to completely redo their home for the season, others don’t have that luxury. Using a few pine cones is really affordable, plus they’re so easy to gather. 

Put a few pinecones in a small basket with some fall-colored ribbon, or just place a couple around the house to give your home a bit of autumn-inspired warmth.

4. Make a Unique Wreath

Placing an appropriately colored fall wreath on the front door can help you and your visitors get in the spirit of the season. Take a quick trip to the craft store and pick up some wire and red, orange, and yellow leaves to make the perfect fall decoration.

5. Fall Is In the Air

With an essential oil diffuser or a few votive candles, you can spruce up the ambiance of your home and make it smell like fall. Select scents, such as cinnamon, apple, and of course, pumpkin spice, can help you de-stress and really set that fall mood.

6. Decorate with Throws

Fall means that colder weather is right around the corner, and you’ll start to notice the nights getting more and more chilly. Place a few throw blankets around the house, especially in the family room, for a perfect fall accent.

Using a few bold throw pillows in a variety of fall-inspired colors, such as dark burgundy, burnt orange, and light yellow can really set the theme for the family room. You can also do the same with comforters and pillowcases to spruce up the bedrooms.

7. A Fall Variety 

Whether you’re not a fan of the ceramic pumpkins mentioned above or you want to add a bit more variety to the decor, gourds are a great way to accessorize while still keeping with that autumn feel.

Decorating for the fall doesn’t have to break the bank. Use the simple tips in this article to help you spruce up your home just in time for the autumn season. 

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