Chase Total Checking Account Bonus – The Best Savings Account for New Business

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Chase Total Checking is basically the bank’s beginner checking account which provides basic monetary value with no other special perks. But for those who want a little extra value, they can earn a $ 225 checking bonus once they open a new Chase Total Checking Account with direct deposit and set up automatic deposit into their account.

What makes Chase Total Checking so attractive is that it provides higher interest rates than some other checking accounts because it is a zero-interest introductory offer. That means for the first six to twelve months, you will only have to pay interest on the amount you were spending.

Saving Incentives

The best incentive offered with Chase total checking account is the savings incentive. With the savings bonus, users are able to earn one point per dollar spent. With a maximum of three points per dollar, this can bring you a hefty saving!

And since Chase is one of the top five banks in the United States, chances of earning these bonuses are quite high. Some people would even go as far as to say that a Chase total checking account is a gold mine because of the numerous advantages these accounts offer.

Saving Account

A Chase total checking account is also great because it can allow you to enjoy other features of a savings account like online banking, electronic bill paying, and Internet access to your financial information.

These added features will help you track your spending and benefit from the savings bonus as well. Some people might enjoy these additional features so much that they decide to max out their Chase checking and get a Chase savings card.

Benefits for College Students

Speaking of Chase total checking account, it has lots of advantages. It is specifically designed for college students who need a checking account but still need some extra cash to make ends meet.

Chase offers many attractive offers to college students who need to save money, and a Chase total checking account is just the type of checking account that they need. They have low interest rates as well as no minimum balance fee, which make it a very attractive deal.

Benefits for New Customers

Chase offers lots of incentives for people who want to open new accounts like the Chase sign-up bonus.

This bonus is given to customers who open new Chase checking and savings accounts with them. In order to get the sign-up bonus, customers need to open an account with Chase. Chase offers a very low interest rate for its new customers, and this helps them to entice new customers who want to save money.

Low Interest Rate

Chase savings accounts offer low interest rate combined with their no balance fee for new customers to make them some of the best options for saving money.

Chase savings account bonuses can help you build a good relationship with them by offering rewards or advantages once you make regular deposits into your account. Such perks include rebate check ups, free or low cost banking services and a variety of other benefits.

These benefits not only make Chase total checking accounts the best checking options for new business, but they are also great incentives for new customers. As long as you use your Chase Sapphire checking account to pay your bills on time, this is one of the best perks that you can receive.

These benefits are offered to all Chase cardholders, but you have to maintain those balances to receive the incentives. If you are trying to decide which checking account to open, then look for the Chase total checking account bonus. You may find that it is just what you are looking for.

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