How to Start Training for a Marathon

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If you’ve been running for a while, it may be the moment when you decide it’s time to train for a marathon. Most runners have a marathon in their sights as something they want to achieve at some point. If you’re new to the world of marathon running, consider these tips to help you get started training today: 

Plan ahead of time

You may be an avid runner but running a marathon is a whole new ball game. You won’t be able to simply step onto the pavement expecting to make it if you haven’t trained well, and training starts way before the marathon. 

You’ll need to build up both pace and mileage to start training your body for the big day. This means running more than a couple of times a week. Consider temporarily investing in a gym membership for the training season, so you can run rain or shine. 

Also, plan for the right kind of shoes, including the best treadmill running shoes for training, as well as the right ones for the day of. What you wear on your feet makes a big difference. 

Going solo or with a coach

You’ll need to follow a program so you can be sure you’re building up strength, stamina, and speed. Some people can easily follow a program online on their own and have the discipline to hit their goals like this. Others of us, however, need the help of a running coach to guide us along the way.

As you consider working with a professional or not, keep in mind that there are steps to take along the way. You’ll need to build up mileage every week, make sure to include a longer run every week so that you can start preparing your body for the marathon, and increase speed through intervals. Don’t forget that rest is also important when training.

Consider your “fuel”

You’ll want to eat healthy food during training, as well as hydrate. This will help ensure that your body is in optimal condition for your marathon. However, what you really want to think about is the fuel you’ll need for your marathon. Because of the number of miles that you’ll be running, your body will essentially run out of energy. 

This is something you don’t want to happen if you hope to get to the finish line. Start trying out different energy gels and carbs you can take on the run to make sure you don’t hit that dreadful wall many an unprepared marathoner has come across. 

Train your mind as well

While training your body is key for a successful marathon, the truth is that the secret to a strong body can often be found in the mind. Training your mind to achieve what you set out to do is half of the battle of training for a marathon. 

Whether you practice meditation every morning or you train your mind through podcasts and books, do what you can to build a strong mind as you work on training your running skills. If it helps, practice mantras through your training program that can be used on the day of the marathon. 

Time to race

When it’s time to hit the pavement with your fellow runners, you want to be as ready as can be. Don’t forget to plan to train well before the marathon, consider professional running coaching, and make sure you’re fueling correctly. 

As long as you do your best to follow your training program, you should make it to the finish line—tired but with a smile on your face!

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