How to Start a Blog on SiteGround

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I started my blog on Bluehost. But as my site grew, I switched to SiteGround and have been loving the service so far. I went through a seamless migration process with the help of experts at SiteGround. If you want to start your blog on SiteGround right away, you can definitely do so.

1. Let’s get started!

Go to and click on WordPress Hosting

2. Choose a plan

I recommend the StartUp plan at $3.95/mo. If you want to upgrade to a more comprehensive plan later, you can definitely do so.

3. Choose your domain registration

4. Fill out your account and payment information

For extra services, I recommend Domain Privacy to protect your privacy information. It’s only $24/year.

That’s it! You are done!

Starting a blog on SiteGround should take you less than 15 minutes. Now you have something that you own and can grow over time. Enjoy!